Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures of my Room

I got a bed yesterday and also went to IKEA.... so my room is shaping up nicely. I don't really feel like writing much, I'm watching the Daily Show.
(I'm very happy to have my keyboard in my room. I'm putting up shelves in that inset to the left of the keyboard. For DVDs and stuff. I'm becoming a DVD person. Specifically one who buys TV on DVD. Helloooo box set heaven.)
(The closet is good sized but its getting the next IKEA makeover. It needs some hooks on the left, a shelf over the clothing rod, and maybe shalves on the right. As well as a case of Container Store clear shoe boxes... Oh yeah and IKEA Antonius drawer bins for athletic clothes, dance wear, and sleepwear.)(Thats the bookcase I just got at IKEA...only $20. Wasn't my first choice but once I got it in it actually works better than my first choice. I need an air pump for my football. Also my tv is pretty.)

Bob is going crazy...we switched to the Colbert Repor(t) and he loves Steven....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things... and Stuffs...

Hmmm. This blog just decided to post itself for fun, without anything in it.

I have to go to work soonish which is fairly lame.
But! I did get Super Bowl Sunday off!!!! So excited... I tried tricking people into working it, but then I got Kevin to work it because hes new and they didn't schedule him much. So yay! Football!

Anyways... I hate how they never explained on Sex and the City when Charlotte is kissing the gardner and her sister in law says something about it during cocktail hour and her mother in law says "Charlotte, you're a McDougal now!"... was that just her being drunk? (She did then try to smoke her cigarette backwards) or is that like a thing? Do they all kiss the gardner? It just bugs me everytime I see that episode.

Oh and I cut my hair...And I'm finally getting a bed tomorrow. I sold my loft bed yesterday, and now I'm getting a used Day Bed, also from IKEA. Now I can get lots of pillows and my bed can be like a couch during the day. Because my ridiculously huge TV is in my room...so if anyone wants to watch a movie that would be the best bet. Also lord only knows when Erica and I will actually get a couch....

Oh, btw... Gobama!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions 2009

Here are my resolutions... In no particular order. I'm not THAT organized.

1. Continue from last year- eating healthier. I did pretty well with this last year. But I hope that having a real house/kitchen will help even more.

2. Be Myself. This is super important. Sometimes I try to be whoever I think people want me to be. But that doesn't work out so well. I don't do it around everyone, or even all the time. But I think I should never do it again.

3. Get my fashion blog up and running. Aim for a few consistent posts per week and eventually work to one a day.

4. Find a talent agent...hopefully in January- rather than the whole year.

5. Stop the irrational hating of things. For some reason I decide I dislike things for no real reason. Case in point: Finding Nemo, other annimated movies, Family Guy, other things I can't remember right now.

6. Be unashamed of the things I like. Such as Sex and the City, Rhianna, Star 101.3, etc. So I like them, so what? That doesn't make me a lesser person. It just makes me diversified.

7. Draw and read more. I like these things. School just started getting in the way.

8. Try and relax. Because I never do. And all the stress I had this last year was ridiculous.

Oh, yeah. And find a new job.