Friday, November 27, 2009

A Post About Bathrooms

This is a bathroom blog.

So today I walk into the public restroom at work. There is a woman brushing her teeth in there. Not just a little touch up...or de-onion-ifying wash.... But a full on brush-brush-brush, gargle-gargle-gargle, swish-swish-swish teeth cleaning. In a public restroom.

Now maybe I am crazy for thinking her crazy.

Now maybe she is crazy.

Now maybe I am vain because I would never brush my teeth in a public restroom.

Maybe I just have a mild OCD/issues with social behaviours.

But I really think people who do things like that are crazy.

Have you ever been sitting on the toilet in a public restroom taking a dump, when a particularly manly (or in a man's case- womanly) set of feet/shoes pass while finding a stall? Sometimes I freak out inside and start to wonder if I am in the wrong restroom by mistake. At which I start to try to remember where each restroom is loacted and how I got there and then calculate my possibility for error.

Does that ever happen to you? No? Odd.

And then when you come out from thinking maybe you're in the wrong restroom that lady has moved on to moisturizing her face. At this point you wonder why she didn't get ready at home? Or is this normal behaviour these days?

Also talking to people who are in a stall/from a stall. Akward? Or socially acceptable?

I have done this with pretty close friends, but it still creeps me out because everyone else in the restroom is very obviously listening to us.

I don't like people talking to my conversations. I listen to others' in public and they always sound stupid.... So I'm pretty sure I also sound stupid when I talk to people who don't know me....

And then you add in the fact that you're in a bathroom.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It is about 3am or so... Even Patrick went to bed before me...weird.

I like cake.

My mom's cat is so FAT. Not even kidding. It is like 3 of my cat.

I'm feeling good about life. Like at peace with who I am and my skills and defects and areas that need improvement. I like this feeling. Finally.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cat Olympics

Today we had the funniest time with Dinah.... We went to Walgreens at 1am for Christmas Decorations...but Dinah will NOT leave the garlands alone so we decided to wear her out...

Funniest picture ever of kitty ninja taking down Emilee.

Drink of the day is a mudslide.

Also picture of amazing steak and about one hundredth of the sweet mashed potatoes.

Mmmmm Yum.

This household has been keeping weird hours.

My weird 80s/crazy person look that happened today. You CAN curl your hair with a straightener.... Weird, right?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello Monday

Well, as the week starts over again I cannot say I am in any less of a melancholy mood than I have been all weekend. This new Pink Martini album, "Splendor in the Grass" is quite nice in matching it though. It makes me wish I was better at writing music. I try, but so far things sound super contrived and obvious. I suppose it takes a balance and there is some knack of not trying too hard. Which may be difficult for me.

I am fortunate to finally be in possession of a work schedule... it turned out nicely. I have my birthday and (one pen hits the floor, darn my cat found them) the day after it (two pens) off. I also have both days (three pens) after Christmas off, as well as Christmas obviously. And I don't think I have to be there till 2 the next day. Also I am a mid on New Years Eve and have New Years Day off.... It works beautifully! (waiting.... there are 2 more pens and a wine key up there....)

The odd thing about scheduling at work is they have 2 mids on Friday and Saturday.... But its not Elephant Bar, they DON'T need 2 mids. Instead they have the second mid come in at 2pm, to cover mid like things so that the first mid doesn't have to stay more than 8ish hours. Who does that? I mean as a person I'm fine with it.... But as a business person you're paying an extra manager when the first mid could just work for 10 hours instead. Bue thats the EBar talking.

The other day we had an Aloha Crash that started at 7pm and never stopped. We closed an hour early because of it. It was frustrating, but not unusual.... At least they weren't using KDS... lol

I do miss the crazy busy of EBar, but because of the lack of stress my life has been shaping up much nicer.... I have energy to do other things with my life. Like write this. I still am very defeatist about some things, but I'm sure that will come around.

New Organization

Alrighty, in an effort to stream line my completely random and scattered thoughts I have recombined my blogs... So all restaurant ranting will happen here as a) my need to be tactful about what I say to the general public limits my ability to write copious amounts (for a personal and completely untactful rant please call my cell), and b) I always babble about unrelated things anyways.... so maybe this is more relevant.

So I guess I'm not streamlining, I'm dumping in a smaller defined area.

Also, fashion blog demands time and was acting pissy about me creating a 3rd blog to take my time away.

Anywho- recent news...

On restaurants- I am the bar manager of a very inefficient bar. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. (A lot... see mom, see?)

On boys- pooh

On photo shoots- I had the best one ever this past week. Maybe soon I'll have retouched pictures for show and tell.

On sweet potatos- 3 potatoes make a crap load of mashed potatos... picture pending...

On Bejeweled- I WILL stop playing once I beat someone else... for the day at least.

On Flash Developers for Facebook- why do you people keep taking my tme and holding it hostage and cutting its fingers off? Why can't you do something more meaningful?

On MAC- Best foundation ever. Don't let your cat knock it over.

On being younger than everyone you're in charge of- Sucky, sucky pressure.

On cars- Bad timing and annoying. Also pooh... Please refer to boys.

On dads- Awesome.

On CHP- Great when not writing you tickets.

On Coffee- The addiction is going strong!

On Vodka- Mud slide.

Okay, I think thats a nice overview.

Other Blogs

I'm moving my Restaurant Posts Back to Here.... Dey is below.

Nov 3,2009
Note to self- People don't like when the noob criticizes how you do things....

Sunday I forgot about the time change and since Burlingame serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday this caused me to be awake at 5am... I ALMOST walked out the door at 6am, but luckily just then noticed and had a 30 minute nap.

Anyways, I opened the restaurant, about the third time now. It's pretty smooth. The reports I have to do are sense making and minimal. We like that.

So far I love the food... On Sunday I had a breakfast croissant sandwich with chicken apple sausage....mmm it was good!

They keep making me follow servers which is incredably annoying because I know how to serve very well. I am frustrated that I am not spending that time studying the food. Every chance I get I just run away and hangout in the kitchen and learn.

I LOVE kitchen people. Juan, who runs the catering company, went to a Le Cordon Bleu school and also specializes in Italian and Spanish cooking as well as French. He is so cool to talk to and willing to answer all my questions. He is a huge fan of Italy and Italian food, we've been talking about it alot. I like sneaking away to spend time with him, because he understands the importance of managers learning about the food.

The kitchen manager and the sous chef (who recently came from Elephant Bar) are both named Miguel. They are also both really great to talk to. It's funny, sometimes KM Miguel runs front of house shifts also. He makes me think of Martin alot.

I have to say, on the overall, I am really impressed with their kitchen and their food. I want to be very involved in it as a front of house manager. I think doing diligent line checks is one thing I want to keep on top of. So far with the whirlwind of different things (following servers?) I've only been able to do one line check. Ahem, now I need a thermometer, Freddy stole mine.

This weekend was super slow, probably due to Halloween. On Saturday they let the servers dress up, which was nice. I like to see a little work spirit here and there. Or alot. Yah know.

Alright, well I'm back at work tomorrow and I'll have more to talk about.

Oct 30, 2009

Zee Resteraunt... Eet is yourhz

Alrighty... I am going to continue my restaurant blog over here. It just seems like a good idea. I like things to be congruous.

Anyways- Yesterday, which I thought was Wednesday and was apparantly Thursday, was my second day of training in the restaurant. There was a big meeting that took FOREVER that I was not part of. The bartender however was. So I was told to "watch" the bar while Jan (an assistant manager) watched the floor. And then happy hour started. Mind you, I know none of their recipes. All I know is a shot by their standards is 1.25 oz.... So I got to have a little fun there... left ALONE for happy hour. *Pet Peeve* When someone who does not have access to the keg room asks for the a keg change...and does not get it right away... Generally I need a keg change because I am in the middle of selling that beer to a customer. NOT, as popular thought apparantly is, because I was just playing around with the taps and ran one until it ran out.

Obvious goal- As a manager, do not forget that when a bartender needs something from the liquor room... it's not just for fun.

Today- I more or less did all of the opening today. From now on whenever I come in in the morning I shall be doing all of the opening work. Scary. Not for me...but just scary that they trust me with all of that. Then I played server...shadowing another server. I got bored after awhile and just started taking tables and getting them things. I can out serve alot of people. Not to sound cocky, but I can. I can't stand the lack of urgency of some of the staff. I know we are not turning and burning here, but there is a certain promptness which people deserve. Getting drinks out, being on top of refills, being accommodating, bussing the crap out of everything... I cannot stand a lack of acknowledgment... Fine, don't greet them... But let them know you're aware they exist. I know myself I get so fidgety if my server doesn't acknowledge me... You start wondering if maybe you're invisible. Like last night I went out for a few drinks (different place)... We started wondering if maybe a car had hit us and we were dead... It took the bartender(s) a decade to even acknowledge our existence. Seriously guys. The server in me can just not let the manager in me let this continue to happen.

Alright... I'm going to leave this entry on an abrupt note as always..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yummy food...

I thought I would post random pictures of food I've made recently.Sauteed veggies over 7 grain pasta with sauce. And fresh garlic bread.Herb salad with marinated onion and tomato and fresh mozarella.

Fake chicken fajitas. Fake chicken is very good in fajitas. Not so in caeser salad. I used onions, peppers, and seasoning and then put it in corn tortillas with Southwestern salsa. With a side of black beans and cheese.Bocaburger with grilled onions topped with melted cheese on whole wheat. Carrots!

Peppers are now the officially most eaten vegetable in this household.

SYTYCD rants 1st week of eliminations

My tirade on the first perform/eliminate show...
First off I think it sucks that they couldn't do a seperate much pressure.

Secondly- Noooo Billy.... His technique is amazing and when he performs he knows how to PERFORM...not just do the contemporary thing and turn inward... I want to steal him and make him do LOTS of ballet FOREVER.

Ahem... Noelle, I don't even remember her. Isn't that sad?

1st number waaas- Phillip, I expected him to do well at the Jive and I think he did do pretty well. Channing....I agree, not using her plie. Not a bad number, but what I expected.

2nd- Ah Jakob, can I have him also? Ashleigh was like a glittery prop for this.... His jumps are AMAZING. I liked the number...but would have liked to see a female who could have shone a little more against him.

3rd- I thought Peter did okay with the hip hop moves. Ariana was dull. Between them they could have made the piece alot cuter, funnier, charater-y, something. Just bleh.

4th- Poor Russell. Melanie is scary looking. And it was so dark for this piece it was hard to see him. More lighting please. I think he did well, but it was hard to judge.

5th- I tend to like Tyce pieces... I liked this one alot once I thought about it. I thought Bianca did insanely well... her being a tapper and all. Something about the costumes turned me off though.

6th- Karen and Kevin cha cha. Ugh. Sometimes Toni and Meredith's choreography falls SO flat for me. The costuming was stupid for starters. She was all sparkly and he was boring. He looked like an escort she'd hired just to sortof go to a dinner party with her. He is a pretty man, though, I'll admit. No wonder he models. Anywho- She is hot, but I feel like their choreography ignored him, which is unfair, since he is a competing dancer- not just a partner. And using "Push It" as music? I was waiting for the dance to start the whole time.... I felt like (with the help of the music) the dance was just idling the whole time. Yes, Karen is hot and can shake her hips...but that doesn't make the piece good.

7th- Crazy crazy face Sonya I'm emo but live in candyland look how I did my hair today's choreography... I think I would have liked it more...if the music had been better. Again I never really felt like it got going. Also not impressed with Ellenore...I feel she is extremely cocky but never delivers the quality of dance that cockiness warrants. It was okay, but Sonya is on a meh streak for me.

8th- Pauline and Brandon... OMG fucking cute tiny asian couple.... OMG cute asian couple at prom... awwww. Umm... Where was the glideyness of the smooth waltz? I felt it was not good, if pretty. Poor dude got the short end of the stick. They should have just had Pasha or someone come fill in... Then in the event Noelle doesn't get fixed (she had a HUGE brace on) then they can make a partnership out of her and Billy's partners. It's not like they don't KNOW a fuckton of dancers who would drop everything to fill in... So sortof Pauline got the short end of the stick also.

9th- Kathryn and Legacy? I don't remember Kathryn? But I do now! I thought it was fun, funny, had spark....and they did really well. I think it had the entertainment quality I expect PLUS was well executed. Costuming was also creative and stuffs.

10th- OMFG, sign them to Disney. I can't handle the cuteness....
However, that being said.... I LOVE good disco... (I would right?) And I thought it was GREAT, and retardedly fast which is GREAT!

Eliminations Boys- That was just unfair. Poor Brandon, and well I don't think Russell deserves bottom 2. Gotta say as much as I like Russell, I thought Brandon had a much better solo.

Girls- Pauline was also at a disadvantage. Ariana- don't remember her. I know shes contemporary...(is she?) but there are so many better contemporary, ballet, jazz dancers out there who can do exactly what she was doing. Plus her solo was desperate.

Ahem...thats it for now...