Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best Intentions

I was thinking today, about my high school yearbook quote. My chosen quote was "Reach for the moon, because if you miss you'll still land on a star". I know, cliche, but a quote I believe in none the less. I think its beautiful and true. If you really reach for it, let go with two hands and reach, you'll get somewhere. Even if you don't become "successful" at least you will have that knowledge that you tried. Now, what I was realizing today, was what a hypocrite I am. I use this quote and never follow though on it. I really never have said "Fuck it", taken that leap of faith, and tried. I guess that is pretty sad. Instead of reaching for the moon all this time I have been reaching for the appetizer plates. Lame. It is 2010, a time for doing and closing your eyes and jumping off the edge of uncertainty and trying a good try before you settle on an eternity of creme brulee.

I often say I don't know what I want. But that is a lie. I do know what I want. I'm just afraid to take it.