Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well I passed the test in piano! I was/am very excited about it. My computer should be back tomorrow. My brother, Patrick, is also coming to visit tomorrow. It should be a great weekend and you should be hearing more from me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Piano, piano, piano....

Ah, my nemesis, the piano... I should be practicing right now. I'm in a Jazz Improvisation class at school, and if I don't start working on the material I will have to drop it. I really don't want to, I love the teacher and I love the songs. (We're doing one of my favorite songs, "St. James Infirmary". ) The teacher, Dee Spencer, is also a cool gal. I also want to be more comfortable with improvising. So I think I shall stop whining and go and practice!


Also, the trumpet is lesson went really well today!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The haps...

So my computer is currently in Minnesota being fixed...but I found some time to type this out on Kristi's MacPurse. *I love my roommate!* So here is what I've been up to...

I didn't get into American Ballet Theater, but Rhea did! She got into the Texas program. I think both of us are auditioning this coming Saturday for Alonzo King's LINES. I did an audition this past Saturday for a dancing job at Great America. It was so easy! I was floored, even my old jazz tarded class I used to teach could've done the combo. Plus, they let us do it 5 million times before auditioning us, and then let us have 2 tries at it. No pirouettes, no leaps, no tricks, very little technique needed. I could have sent my resume to audition for me. Weird.

This past weekend I also played trumpet with the pep band at school. It is such a blast! I met some awesome people and had an insanely good time. I'm looking forward to playing with them more.

Jazz with Byron has been going well. I feel like I have a better and better grasp on his style of movement. All is not lost.... And my aerobics teacher at school is going to let me teach the New York City Ballet Workout at one of the classes in a few weeks. (Or a modified version at least.)

My jazz piano class is going teacher is out of town today. I really become disenchanted with the piano quite quickly. I already practiced today, but I need to practice more. I should really have all these darn scales down by Wednesday. Darn mixolydians and blues and whatnot. ergle. I'm almost tempted to drop it...but I don't know.

And last but not least... Kristi and I are getting memberships to the 24 hour fitness down the street. They have some cool pilates and whatnot classes. It is so weird going into a gym though. Major plus is that I can use the studio when there are no classes. Hello choreography projects!

Which reminds me... I'm heading up the student choreography contest. I better have something to show tomorrow at the Student Dance Alliance meeting. It is silly of my computer to not be here. *sigh*

Well thats all folks!