Thursday, January 31, 2008

Annoying Computer...

Hey all...

I'd love to tell you about everything. But my computer is really out this time. I'll write when I have time at school or something.

Monday, January 28, 2008

ABT as promised

I am currently wondering why Ben was rolling around on the floor with Wendy.

That aside...

Yesterday, Rhea and I did the audition for the American Ballet Theater summer programs. I was really not ready for that! I probably butchered a good amount of the combinations. But it was a good experience. Christina Elliott taught the class and she was very inspiring. I wish I had been able to perform better. I am just so out of practice that I couldn't make the combinations look good. Auditions are fun though. It is interesting to see the people that show up. I was by far the oldest there, even though the SI goes to age 22 and the collegiate program to 24. There were over 100 dancers in the middle age group class. Probably about 50 in ours and another 50 in the youngest group (from what I heard). There were girls with gorgeous bodies, others who looked more like me, some I could have snapped in half with my pinkie...but overall a LOT of beautiful line. They make me jealous.

After the audition Chris and I went out to Jazz at Pearl's for our anniversary. We had a great time, Pearl's is a very intimate setting. It was also Patrick's (my brother) 14th birthday.

It is funny how body type plays into ballet. It is more of an issue for me (and probably a lot of dancers) in how we are built than our weight. However weight is the easiest way to change your body. I wonder if a lot of dancers are driven to eating disorders because it seems like the easiest way to change your body? Instead of doing intense and repetitive stretching and strengthening to change your body to the best of its potential it is easier to misdirect that unhappiness into not eating. Auditions easily make me feel self-conscious about my body, but I generally realize it is because of my feet's flexibility and my hip flexors, etc and not because of my weight.

Anyways, my computer seems to be back from the dead. But it has absolutely no battery power now. Next time I find $60 lying around, I will buy a new battery. I also need to get it fixed, I have a list of people to call. I just hope it isn't too expensive. Fortunately I just found out today that I will be continuing my job as a personal assistant. That might help.

It was the third day of class today. I had a my psychology statistics lab today, the TA teaching it talks way too much. Then I had an aerobics class which I am taking to get myself moving on Monday and Wednesdays. I like the teacher, she is fun and young, I don't need a strict teacher who expects a lot for my fun class. She also is going to be using a lot of cool stuff such as hip hop, pilates, yoga, and isometrics. I also had the Jazz/Pop piano class for the first time today. I really like it so far. I feel good about it even though I was afraid I wouldn't be able to handle it. One of the first songs we're learning is St. James Infirmary, a song I really like. Also in my Intro to Clinical Psychology class today we talked about PhD and PsyD degrees. It's pretty scary. I hope someone offers me a movie contract before I get there. It sounds weak, but grad school is a ton of time and a ton of money.


To come...hopefully today. (I'm afraid my computer has given up.)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And all that jazz...

Today was the first day of school, why my school starts on a Thursday I have no idea. My first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is Advanced Jazz. I decided to take it this semester to a) get myself moving in the morning and b) because I love Alicia Pierce (lots of great Dunham), the teacher and c) because I can actually get in because I am still listed as a dance major. Well, it turns out Alicia is on sick leave and Bryon Seddens is teaching the class. I love Byron, but he is hard. Not that this is a bad thing, in light of my goals to get into shape. However, I suppose I am lazy. I am actually quite excited to work with him all semester. He is an amazing dancer and choreographer, and has a no nonsense style of teaching that I like. He is amazingly talented with his body, the way he works with his torso, shoulders, and hips is completely counter-intuitive to my ballet training. I really hope I can pick up some of his sense for movement by the end of the semester. Hilari, a girl who was also in University Dance Theater last year and someone who understands Byron's movement much better than me, is also in the class. Hopefully she can help me out later if I need help. After school study sessions for dance class?

I am really psyched about the American Ballet Theater audition this weekend! My friend Reah is coming up for it. I'm really excited to see her and her mom and excited for her to do the audition. I think she has great chances of doing well. She is a really beautiful dancer. I really hope to get into the collegiate program, but I know it will be hard to actually go if I do make it in. I am taking audition photos tomorrow hopefully, Paige is helping me with them. And I think Sue is doing a letter of recommendation for me. The only thing I am really worried about is my chaine turns. They are really all over the place at the moment. This morning I kept losing my spot and ending up completely off track.

Well, I know there is more I want to write about, but it will have to wait. Till tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Been a few days...

It has been rather busy lately. I've been working a fair amount at Smith Ranch. Since we cut the 24 hour schedule at Starbucks, hours have been low. Alas, once school starts on Thursday I will only be able to work Saturdays at Smith Ranch.

Saturday I went to ballet at the silly little studio down the street. I am by far the best dancer there, and I feel bad for the other students when I show up. However, it is the only class I can make on occasion, and sometimes at my level it is more what you make of a class then the class itself. At open classes at San Francisco Dance Center you are likely to get no attention at all. So in either case you just have to know what it is you personally need to work on. Although combinations that have no musicality and an onslaught of "American" ballet terminology can wear on me immensely, I have to just ignore it and think about those things I am doing wrong.

Saturday we also had a casual game night. I got to hang out with Natalie a bit more, and got to meet her boyfriend Christopher. They are cool people. I also got to meet Zack's girlfriend, Cynthia, she is very likable. Sunday we wandered the town and found (among other things) a cool little cafe called Cafe du Soleil. It was a relaxing atmosphere. The last couple evenings have been spent playing Dungeons and Dragons. It was a lot of fun tonight. I think I understand 3.0/3.5 better than I thought I did.

Well I am sure there is more to say...but it has been a long day and I am working in the morning. So I shall get back to it then.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Middle of the Week

Wednesday is a tedious day, especially since I am working a closing shift tonight. Then I have work tomorrow morning at Smith Ranch Care Center. And then another closing shift. It isn't too bad, all of Friday is mine.

I've been doing pretty well on all of my new years resolutions so far. I've managed to fit ballet and trumpet practice in every day for the most part. I've done well with my food. Last night we had grilled salmon patties, grilled asparagus, and lime pilaf (yes mom, I ate asparagus of my own will. weird.). I made a garlic, herb, butter sauce for the asparagus and salmon. It was very good. I've been way more motivated to get things done. I finally got a table and (mostly) cleaned out the beneath of my loft bed. I haven't been too good about getting my demo reel and new resume together. Nor do I have an agent yet, or theater auditions set up...but that is what the weekend is for, no?

Loft beds.... are actually quite useful for stretching. Since the ceiling is so close I can use to stretch whenever I'm in bed.

My first ballet audition is for American Ballet Theater's collegiate program on January 27th. Fortunately for me, San Francisco is one of the later stops on the ABT audition tour.

Next weekend (the 27th) is also the one year mark for Chris and me. Don't know what we're going to do yet. Granted I actually get my shift for that night switched, it won't be until after the ABT audition.

My favorite website of the day is this one- Andros on Ballet. I found it through a website I found through Off Center. You should look at this link especially- The Best of the Androsisms. They make me think of things my teacher Sue would say.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I did get tips and so therefore got to go to class. Today I attended company ballet class at Westlake School for Performing Arts in Daly City. I have never attended such a great class which was so poorly publicized. It is not a small studio, but nor is it well advertised. I prefer it over San Francisco Dance Center for the home studio atmosphere and more individualized feedback. Although they teach a number of styles, the ballet students are remarkably, uniformly strong. The teachers are great, they rotate just enough that you get used to learning to adapt on the spot. At the same time there is enough consistency that the training is not interrupted. If you are ever in the area and need a good class you should give them a call. All that aside, class felt really good today. I have improved since last week, my body isn't rejecting ballet quite as much. My turns are a lot stronger (back to consistent triples and my pirouettes in attitude surprise me) and so is my turn out and extension. I really need to watch my arms (elbows especially), leg rotation in a la seconde, and my beats are a catastrophe at the moment. I am doing alright with remembering combinations though, something I'm always afraid of.

One of my new years resolutions was to eat better. This isn't so hard for me since I enjoy healthy food as well as the not so healthy. One of my favorite places to find tasty alternatives is Trader Joe's. They have a number of intriguing and healthy snacks. Today I stopped by after class for some food and ended up spending more then I wanted to. I ran out of joint supplements though , so that was important to buy. I can feel my joints way too much sometimes so I better do what I can for them now. Anyways I found a great chip while I was there. They are corn chips with flax seed (I love chips), and taste quite like Fritos. The flax seed means that there is 1000mg of Omega 3 in every serving and they are only $0.49 for a 1lb. bag! They were definitely worth the 2 quarters.

Lastly, a blog which I enjoy. I found this by chance while searching for info on the Flexi Stretcher. Interestingly, this girl also writes for The Winger. Her blog, Off Center, is interesting to read, especially if you like dance.

Monday, January 14, 2008


One of my favorite tools for at home fitness is the New York City Ballet Workout. It is a useful 1 hour workout that I can easily customize and still leaves time for me to work on some other stuff. It claims that it is equally usable for dancers and non-dancers alike, but I don't buy that. Some ballet experience is a definite plus to using it. I think with time and perseverance anyone might be able to do it. But if you are a non-dancer and don't need to worry about turnout and the like, why bother? You might as well do something that won't take you 3 months to figure out. That being said, I think it is great. The music (there are 2 tracks- contemporary and classical) wear on you after awhile, so I usually mute it and play my own music. My favorite cds to use with it are Panic! at the Disco- "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" and Red Hot Chili Peppers- "Californication". Peter Martins' narration is also a bit creepy, so the muting alleviates that as well. I wish they had an option to listen to narration only without music, even though Martins is creepy it helps to not look at the screen all the time.

Well... The other day I locked myself out of the house while taking the Christmas tree out and while waiting for my landlord met a neighbor in a similar predicament. He was very upset about a locksmith costing $250 so I loaned him the rest of my ballet money so he could take the bart to Pleasanton and get the spare key from his sister. He promised to repay me, but so far I haven't gotten my money back. I do know where he lives, so I might drop a note off tomorrow. So, needless to say I haven't been to ballet for 3 days. Tips come out tomorrow though, so hopefully I'll have enough for 3 classes or so. I have applications to a few restaurants to turn in as well. Hopefully I'll get hired at one of them. Better tips mean more ballet classes.

Ok, I'm working in about half an hour... Need to change into my mocha spattered clothes.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Torture Devices

So I am really interested in this product called the Flexi Stretcher. I only just noticed it the other day in Discount Dance Supply. At first I had though it was this Split Flex thing. The Split Flex looks undeniably scary, almost like a bow that you would shoot arrows with. Also from further research it seems to only stretch the center splits/extension which is the only thing I don't need help on. The Flexi Stretcher seems to stretch all three directions as well as help build awareness for placement and strengthen muscles through isometric muscle contractions. So far anything I have heard about it is good. I think next time I get paid I might invest in one.

By the way, everyone should go check out this website- The Winger. It is one of my favorite websites.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome to my dance blog!

Well, in an attempt to keep myself motivated I have created a dance blog. I am sure you will hear about a few other random things, some unmotivating moments, and the like.... But for the most part, I'll just share with you the life of a performer. I named it Life on Pointe because my life here in San Francisco is always on edge. The edge of my box (pointe shoe) or the edge of my seat or the edge of my budget. The url is rightfootwoe because as very few of you know that is my frustrating and inadequate foot. Well now you all know...