Wednesday, April 23, 2008

goings on and things...

So, Bob is making more and more creative noises. Which is a good thing, even though most of them coincide with his favorite tv personalities. At least he has added a fourth person to talk to, Mr. Jay Manuel. *sigh*

I've continued to work my way through "Sex and the City" in hope of finishing the series by the time the movie comes out. I've decided that Carrie pretty much sucks at life, except for wearing clothes and writing. Samantha doesn't suck at life, shes pretty much the most comfortable with herself but a bit obsessive. Charlotte is boring and Miranda is too uptight. And Mr. Big should be shot. So there, thats what I think of them all. Oh and while were at it, we should shoot Charlotte's mother-in-law.

I'm in the process of looking for a job in the restaurant business...Gina's been kind enough to help me out with it. I'm almost at the end of my rope with my other job. Hanging by a thread.

I just worked on a movie this past weekend which was disastrous. The director has a lot of ambitions but was not good at communicating. He also cast his movie horribly. He had a non-actress cast as the lead. It was all very ridiculous.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

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New posts are happening at The Fashionable Life! Leave comments on your opinion about style, etc... Let me know what you think, and also if anyone can tell me how to reformat the blogger page for the post are to be wider...that would be awesome.
Thanks everyone!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I live in California!

I was reminded today of the fact that I actually DO live in California still. It was 82 degrees in San Francisco. For once I actually got some color on my arms and was not freezing in the sun. This morning pep band played for the University Preview. It was majorly fun. I got coffee donated from my Starbucks which didn't go so one in warm San Francisco felt like drinking coffee- not even me. Thats saying something!

Things on the performing arts plane are amusing. I'm in the middle of filing a complaint against an alleged student of the Academy of Art University. I have a director I'm working with, but don't know when the project is going to happen... I have a few other projects that are confirmed, but again don't know when they're going to happen. Its all very confusing, people are pretty bad at deciding when to do things/coordinating. I did film the sci-fi tv show a few weeks ago, it was really fun and a good chance to do a lot of improving. I'm looking forward to seeing the DVD.

Other than that...I think cab drivers are the most cold and heartless people ever. No one in San Francisco completely follows traffic law. Which is readily evident if you're trying to travel. But cab drivers are the absolute worst, they could care less for courtesy and being nice. I understand that they don't need to be nice to everyone, but every now and then it isn't appropriate to run through every opening possible. Except for my sax playing cab driver. He's cool, he practices in his cab during slow times by CalTrain station.

Hey its April! Cool.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Movies, TV Aliens, and Dance Moves

Well, what am I up to lately? Lots of insane stuff I think. Lets see....

Aliens-This past weekend I was an alien in a tv show in the Santa Cruz area. Looking forward to seeing the DVD. It was pretty fun, I got to infect everyone and implied take over of the earth.

Pizza- I auditioned for an independent film this past weekend also. I feel that I did well, but they aren't releasing results yet.

Horrifying- I have the female lead in a horror movie. It is a final project for a student at the Academy of Art University.

Maybeso?- I may be involved in another film...not 100% sure whats going on.

Cross Your Fingers- I have another audition for an AAU project tomorrow morning.

Other then that...

We started a new piece in Byron's class the other day. It's a lyrical piece and I really like it. I would also like to note that my dance teacher, Sue, is awesome. Just because I don't think anyones mentioned that. Because no one knows her here. Which is why we should abduct the ballet teacher at SFSU and hire her.

Ahem... I also have a week to be able to play two more songs really well for the Jazz Improv class at SFSU. I think I'm playing the two Freddie Hubbard tunes because they are awesome...and when I get around to it I'd like to play them on my trumpet. I think I also will be becoming the secretary for SFSU's Pep Band. I am *finally* meeting with the elusive Lance tonight.

So thats is pretty calm since I turned in my paper on "Evolution's Rainbow" this morning.