Saturday, June 14, 2008

Have your cake and eat it too.

As I sip my Grey Goose Cosmo and finish "Last Holiday", a movie all about living life to it's fullest, I find I am just buzzed enough to toast Audrey, my shy friend on the far wall who has just had a great holiday at Tiffany's. Only she and I are in on the fact that I will someday gain the status she holds. Audrey and I get it, we live life, we don't wait for it to happen. As the movie quotes, "I keep waitin' and waitin' for something big to happen and then you find out you're going to die".

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I take forever to post...

Life has been busy as always. This past month Chris turned 21 (I took him to Yoshi's), I got a job as a server at Elephant Bar, and school *finally* got out.

I quit my job at Starbucks on Monday. Everyone is sad but I am looking forward to NOT working 24/7. I start dancing with a new choreographer/group on Saturday. Paige is in the group too and it is going to be taped by a documentary maker. He is planning on making a documentary about creating a ballet and it may show on PBS and similar channels! Exciting!

Irk... I also need to get back to my fashion blogging now that school is out.