Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ugh...I ate too much cake...

Emilee and I walked to Safeway tonight, where I redeemed my free sandwich coupon and we also bought cake. I ate too much cake. Life just needs to slow the hell down, eating to deal with it never works.

So my car is booted, I may not have a job tomorrow, and I still have no credit cards or checks. Lovely.

Yes, I'm being over dramatic.

Oh well...

Things I would like...

No Debts.
To post to my blog daily without dragging my feet and being silly.
To practice my instrument daily.
For the SF DPT to explode mysteriously.
To work for an employer with ethics that treats his/her employees well on at LEAST one level.
A car that is not only amazingly fabulous but shrinks down to hand held size when you need to park.
To go to the gym/dance at least every other day.
To stop eating cheesecake and hot cheetos.

Things I dislike...

Ill behaved children.
Stupid hos.
My employer.
People who rob cars.
The fact that I am nowhere near as good at organizing my life as everyone/everyplace elses. (ie work... if I could tackle my life with half the time I spend at work than I would be amazing.)
When insanely intelligent and nice people can't get amazing jobs working for people that don't suck.
The fact that someday in the future I may have to once again search for a roommate.

I'm just rambling really. I was remembering earlier how I like to write. But I didn't really know where to start, since once you get out of the habit, it's hard to do. So rambling is as good a place as any. It's like one big sounding board.

Recently I read this book, "Bitter is the New Black" by Jen Lancaster. It was entertaining, but she didn't REALLY get evicted. Just almost evicted. So disappointing.

I am also currently reading the "Crown of Stars" series by Kate Elliott. It's good but a little sloggy and probably 4,200 pages in total.

Really, today was really bad. I was going to go to band and also to make some returns at Target and to buy garbage bags...but I got out the door and saw my car was booted. I think literally my heart almost stopped. And then I freaked out and couldn't find my trumpet or the items for return, when in all actuality I left them in the hallway to my house once I saw the car. I almost fainted. Seriously.

Things I am grateful for right now...

My family loves me.
I have shelves.
Rent is not due yet.