Monday, October 13, 2008

Update on things

Ok so for those of you who have no idea what I'm up to...I'm sorry I haven't let you know sooner. (probably mostly Ami Ma and Papa Harold)

School is alright. I should be graduating this semester, unless a meteorite crashes or something. I am in 2 ensembles. Afro-Cuban Jazz, which kicks my butt weekly. And Wind Ensemble...which I am enjoying immensly. I am very sad we don't have rehearsal this week due to the director (Robert Busan) having to fly to Sydney for an emergency.

I am also teaching ballet once a week in San Mateo. It is a pretty good gig, I am allowed to make demands on things like hair and the uniform is strict and a classical approach is welcomed. Not Dance Arts. Thank goodness.

I am also working at Elephant bar still... I am a certified trainer- which is a nice title, but sometimes difficult. I still love waiting though. I stabbed myself with a fork last really freaked my boss out. And I'm super excited because we're turning our busser, Rodile, into a server. Everyone loves him and I think he'll do great. He still needs to work on his English a bit and speak louder...but it's really cool for him to be able to progress like that. He'll make so much more than he does bussing.

Oh yesh, and I moved again. Bob hates moving...he flipped out. I hate moving too, but I didn't cling to the side of my cage psychotically like he did. Its ok for now, but the arrangement is month to month and I anticipate moving again as soon as something with friends opens up. I have no internet there though, if I can't steal'll find me at Starbucks!

I'm sure I'm doing something else too....but I can't remember now...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Stuff and Stuff

So I love Wind Ensemble. Today Robert Busan said he "didn't like the brass attitude" and "never ask a trumpet player to do anything remotely complicated, except dress themselves". I'm sure not everyone took this well, but I thought it was hilarious! But I'm strange that way.

I felt like I did well today. But it didn't start out well. Band is at 11 and I showed up at 10 and couldn't figure out why there were "weird" people in the band room. Then I tried to play the wrong Chorale, one we don't even play- it was just in my folder. Thank God Tim pointed that one out!

Anyways, I'm not so down with the craziness of life right now. I'm really just wanting it to stop. I'm also not able to handle my new living situation just yet. Its ok, I just miss the comradarie of the old one. So I'm going to whole myself up in my computer.

Oh well. Whatevs... I'm already done with this whole idea. I told RJ I'd meet him and Sivan down at the beach for a bit...