Sunday, March 16, 2008

Introducing Silent Bob!

I finally got a picture of my parakeet, Silent Bob! Here he is looking very suspicious of the camera.

Also don't forget to click on The Fashionable Life!

I should soonly write a post about the University Dance Theatre show at school...but at the moment I am still underwhelmed by it. Why is my school so ridiculous?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New website!

I have a new little project going on. It is a blog entitled The Fashionable Life and you can find it here. Please visit and support me by clicking on ads or passing it on to your friends! Also anyone who wants to refer a designer they love, or anything else relevant....please do!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This lady made these ridiculous statements. Oklahoma state rep Sally Kern.

Aren't we supposed to be worried about... oh, the fact that my college's president just got a 22% raise to his $300,000+ salary while they're still cutting teachers and classes? Or the checkmate moth pheromones which have been causing weird problems in people? Or this disaster of a war on terrorism? Or that Starbucks charges $1.55 for a cup of coffee? Or that other politicians are buying prostitutes? Or something...

Man, everyone's priorities are so out of whack.

More at Human Rights Campaign.

*ahem* I just realized I can't write... darn that grammar thing. And Dave, how dare you remind me about American Idol? That is such a horrible show.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick and such...

Bleh... This day has been really not productive. I have the most horrendous cold. I am horribly stuffed up. It started last night and I completely missed class today and had to call in sick to work. errr whine, whine, whine...

Other than that...

I am trying to get the choreography contest for Student Dance Alliance up and running. But I cannot seem to get the forms someone made which is the whole point of making a website. No forms=no point for a website. I really wanted to get the site published last night. *sigh* I have another exciting new web project in the works also....but I'll let you know about that in a few days. =D

I have alot of work to do in the next few weeks before spring break. I am really looking forward to that time off. Maybe I'll actually be able to clean weird parts of my house. Like the wood floors.. My anal retentive behavior is seriously clashing with the anal expulsive behavior of one of my roommates. I just freak out, not good for the mental health. Or homework for that matter. I try to read or study and have to run off and wash dishes before I can focus.

Last but not least...
I LOVE 24 hour fitness. If you go around 9pm all the classes that use the studio are finished. The wood floor and mirrors make it great for practicing all the tricky turns and leaps that Byron has been doling out. Next I'm going to bring my pointe shoes and really freak some people out. You get more weird looks dancing and doing the splits in a gym than if you're doing that stupid yoga stuff or lifting 500 lbs of metal. Yes, you guessed it, I despise yoga! My aerobics teacher taught a yoga class on Monday and I wanted to scream the whole time. There is no attack, no sharp, vigorous movement. The poses are retarded and counter intuitive. The stretches might be good for a non-dancer, but I had to seriously modify them to feel anything at all.

And so I leave you with my friend....
Yoga Barbie.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Late Night Post

I finally got my hands on the third episode of America's Next Top Model cycle 10, which I missed last night. The girl that got kicked off totally had it coming. She was so full of herself. There are some gorgeous girls on there this season, and then there are some of those "ugly-pretty" ones...who you can't quite figure out. I really like Lauren though. She is just a gawky, akward, punk...and thats refreshing.

All that being said... I would really like to meet Tyra Banks someday. She is insanely good at marketing herself, I bet she has an amazing mind for business. And not in an overly obnoxious way like Rachel Ray or Janice Dickinson. I'd also like to meet Twiggy. I envision having tea and crumpets with her.

On a less flimsy note. Isn't the political debate getting fun? Clinton is less and less appealing. The super delegate issue is going to be interesting to watch.

I think I should go off to bed now... I'd had my guilty media watching for the day and after 3 hours of dancing and exercising I feel pretty tired.