Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tread softly and carry a big stick...

The whole dilemma is what stick do you need for the occasion?

Well recently I've been busy.

1- I quit my job at MacNN. I am very relieved and overjoyed.
2- I got a job at this adorable bakery in Glen Park called Destination Bakery. The pastries are so yummy I can't even eat the ones from Starbucks any more. I'll be opening there on Saturdays and Sundays. (Thanks Gina!)
3- I have a very good chance of getting a position as a server at Elephant Bar. The Assistant General manager liked me a lot, I have an interview with the GM tomorrow. It would be pretty sweet working there.
4- I had a really good photo shoot this past Sunday. The photographer gave me lots of good advice for posing. I got the photos back last night. I'll post a few as soon as I get around to it.
5- I'm going to be working with a ballet based choreographer and a group of other dancers in San Francisco to create new works and possibly a documentary on creating ballet. Yay! I haven't gotten a chance to dance outside of class for a while. (erm, ballet that is.)
6- I got 3 dvds back from directors. 1 is a music video and it is really good and worth the 20 hours of shooting we did. The sci-fi one is pretty good aside from cheesy sound effects. And the third one is eh, the sound is whack. But good reel material. Very happy about these.
7- Some other photo shoots/movies are in the process, but probably not until late May/June since a) a photographer is out of town, b) a director is out of town, c) I'm trying to wrap up the school year.

Other then that-
I have realized that I need to stop giving too much perceived power to others. I need to just stand up and say "no". I have no obligation to anyone else, if I don't want to be there I don't have to be. At this point in my life, quitting a job is not the end of the world. (Hopefully it never will be.) I can find something that better suits me easily and my boss has no right to keep me from that.

I also need to stop giving too much power to people who are just bitches. Dancer girls, coworkers who cares? They're just being mean because there is something going on inside their head. It's not me and I need to let it go.

Ok...I was going to go on and on about all the things I hate. But thats just San Francisco talking. The thing I hate about this city is everyone has a cause. And honestly, I don't care.