Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drinking through my cocktail book... Part 1 of many...

As "research" for the bar I will own in the future, I have decided to drink my way through my cocktail book. I figure you might as well try everything once to get an idea of what you like and what doesn't work. And I drink a lot anyways, so its likely I will actually get somewhere with this mission as it only requires me to be more creative with my drinking time. The book I am using is called "The New American Bartender's Handbook". (Yes I know, I could use the black book, but its so cliche.) Since the back of the book breaks everything down by the main spirit used in it I have decided to start with Vodkas. Last night I made the first two drinks a "57 T-Bird" and an "Absolut Hero".
First off was the "Absolut Hero". This is the ingredient line up.

I know, I know, you're thinking "Is that an egg???" Yes it is. The recipe calls for egg white, and I wanted to do it right, so I made one with the egg and one without.
On eggs, from Drink Dogma,
"While the ice comparison is a useful argument, instead of cooling and adding water to cocktails , egg whites act as an emulsifier forging the independent ingredients together. As A Companion for the Young Imbiber explains, when an egg is shaken with a cocktail the proteins become physically agitated and then recollect near air, drastically changing the texture of drinks and creating a foamy layer on top. Alone, this foam would cave quickly, but the presence of citrus juice in many drinks functions as a stabilizer, increasing the longevity of the foam. To get all scientific, the acidity changes the pH of egg whites and promotes the presence of hydrogen ions which makes the egg foam more airy and durable. The same occurs when espresso is shaken with lemon juice, the protein in the espresso is agitated and the citric acid creates a dynamic and flavorful foam."
You can read the rest of this post here.

Here is our finished product.

"Absolut Hero"

1 oz blackcurrant vodka
1 oz lemon vodka
1 oz melon liqeur
2/3 oz fresh lime juice
2/3 oz egg white
soda water
lime wedge to garnish

Mix all but soda in a mixing glass, strain over ice in a highball, top with soda, and garnish.
Tasting Notes- You can definitely tell the interaction of the eggwhite and lime juice. The eggwhite dulled the citrus flavour, causing the black currant to stand out more. The one made without eggwhites had a stronger flavor of citrus. I didn't like the drink that much though. It would definitely be refreshing but the flavor, while sweet, was not overly interesting.
Not really something I would make again or order.

The second drink of the night was a "57 T-Bird". And here are the ingredients...
Again, a little odd... somewhat fruity and then... amaretto?
And the finished product.

"57 T-Bird"
1oz vodka
2/3 oz amaretto
2/3 oz peach schnapps
2/3 oz melon liqeur
1 2/3oz orange juice

Shake all ingredients together and strain over ice into an old fashioned glass.

Tasting Notes- Very sweet. My partner in crime called it "candy". The amaretto makes the drink, balancing out the sweet of the fruit juice and liqeurs with a still sweet yet different flavor.
Definitely one to remake.

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