Saturday, May 22, 2010

A ridiculous scene work up I never used...

I wrote this for an acting class recently... It was the scenario for a very simple dialogue... I tried to make the most ridiculous choices possible for my back story. I got sick that day of class and never got to use it.


Kara and Lisa are bffs. They grew up together, went to school together, they now both work in the fashion industry as buyers but for rival companies. But they NEVER go a day without talking.

Today is Saturday around 10am… They have a Saturday ritual of ALWAYS meeting for coffee at their favorite Starbucks in the Marina near their apartments. They don’t even have to call or text to confirm…NOTHING gets in the way of Saturday coffee (except for maybe a really hot guy or a trip to France…but these are acceptable reasons).

Thursday night the girls went out to a super hot club in the city and they were partying with all the cool people and they spotted one of the guys from their favorite show; Entourage. Lisa caught the eye of Kevin who plays Johnny Chase and is now dancing with him and Kara is doing her best to twitter this on her iPhone but some greasy looking dude keeps bumping into her. Kara gets really pissed off at this guy and moves down the bar further, but she loses sight of Lisa. When she comes back she trips and breaks her heel (oh no!) and still can’t find Lisa. She tries texting her but has no luck… Because they are bffs after all, she hangs around for awhile and hobbles to the bathroom a few times to look for Lisa. She finally gives up…having seen neither her friend nor the Entourage star and catches a ride home….

Friday is a rough day, Kara has a ton of appointments to look at clothing for the new season coming up plus a wicked hangover and a sore ankle from her heel incident. She shoots a text to Lisa a few times, but hears nothing… but she doesn’t really worry since she knows Lisa can take care of herself. (One time in high school Lisa gave a guy a concussion with her purse because he was harassing Kara.)

So today, Saturday…. Kara is already settled at the bar counter that looks over the street when Lisa walks in smiles makes her way to the counter and grabs her favorite chai tea latte before joining her…. Their discussion ensues as Kara tries to get the dirt from Lisa on what happened Thursday night….

Lisa is a little bit shy about it, shes never slept with anyone who is a celebrity and she just doesn’t do one night stands….but she knows that’s probably all it is, obviously… But then Johnny called her on Friday and wants to take her out this weekend and has extended his stay in the city just because of her. So she is playing a little coy about the whole thing when Kara starts asking.

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