Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I never stick to anything....

Well recently I decided to drink my way through my cocktail book. This came to a halt quickly as I quit my cushy salaried job and became poor again. Now I have no money to buy alcohol that I am not sure I'll like. Maybe someday I'll get back on the creative drinking train. It is a fun idea. But like I said... I am poor again. Lame.

In all honesty the thing that stops me the most from doing things is not instantly having all the supplies. I lose momentum in the time it takes me to gather everything. Its like "Oh I need a dremel for this but its 2am..." so you wait till the next day and have work, finally you get a dremel... By that time my brain is already on to about twenty new ideas. Sadly. What I'm saying is we need 24 hour craft and hardware stores. Also I need a bigger house. I think my productivity would greatly increase if I had a bigger workspace. And if my cats paws were tied behind her back. She will seriously play with ANYTHING you put in front of her. Or even if you put it somewhere else she WILL find it.

I am also really bad at sticking to resolutions like "eat better and get into shape"... I try all the time... but its always up and down. One week I get to tons of ballet classes and the gym. The next week I eat cheeseburgers and play video games ALL the time. There needs to be some balance. I just like food too much. Well that is one excuse. But I also like working out and yet I don't go. Now if I could teleport it would be all gravy. I would be at the gym all the time. Also I could easily get to the store to buy healthy food.

And if I could time travel I could easily get a dremel at 2am.


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Helenrr said...

LOL this was funny. But true. Are you sure your cat isn't Mike in cat form. I've had the same issues..