Friday, November 27, 2009

A Post About Bathrooms

This is a bathroom blog.

So today I walk into the public restroom at work. There is a woman brushing her teeth in there. Not just a little touch up...or de-onion-ifying wash.... But a full on brush-brush-brush, gargle-gargle-gargle, swish-swish-swish teeth cleaning. In a public restroom.

Now maybe I am crazy for thinking her crazy.

Now maybe she is crazy.

Now maybe I am vain because I would never brush my teeth in a public restroom.

Maybe I just have a mild OCD/issues with social behaviours.

But I really think people who do things like that are crazy.

Have you ever been sitting on the toilet in a public restroom taking a dump, when a particularly manly (or in a man's case- womanly) set of feet/shoes pass while finding a stall? Sometimes I freak out inside and start to wonder if I am in the wrong restroom by mistake. At which I start to try to remember where each restroom is loacted and how I got there and then calculate my possibility for error.

Does that ever happen to you? No? Odd.

And then when you come out from thinking maybe you're in the wrong restroom that lady has moved on to moisturizing her face. At this point you wonder why she didn't get ready at home? Or is this normal behaviour these days?

Also talking to people who are in a stall/from a stall. Akward? Or socially acceptable?

I have done this with pretty close friends, but it still creeps me out because everyone else in the restroom is very obviously listening to us.

I don't like people talking to my conversations. I listen to others' in public and they always sound stupid.... So I'm pretty sure I also sound stupid when I talk to people who don't know me....

And then you add in the fact that you're in a bathroom.

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Helenrr said...

LOL this is hysterical. So true..I have done the same exact thing.."wait, did I come in the right bathroom?" (yes, silly, there were no urinals on the wall, duh.) You are so right on...hehe.